Most of the times the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can be interchangeable. This can make it difficult for a business owner to lead and make desirable changes which can improve the ROI which can be used as a guide to rank higher.

What is SEO?

SEO is a way in which a large number of visitors can get the site to appear on search engine. The SEO industry is continuously changing due to the algorithm set. But one can easily say that SEO is mainly made up of On-page and Off-page activities.

In an on-page SEO, one has to make sure to incorporate certain key words into the heading tags, alt txt, meta descriptions, etc. Blog posting which has quality, clean URLs, optimized page load speed, social sharing integration , etc.

In an Off-page SEO, one has to create a high quality backlink, incorporate social sharing signals, social bookmarking, etc.

What is SEM?

SEM is a form of a marketing tool which involves a lot of promotion of websites which can help increase visibility in the search engine result pages through the means of optimization and advertising. In a much more easier sense, SEM includes the tactic which allows you to create Websites That Sell. SEM generally includes use of paid search and pay per click listings and advertisements. It also includes campaigns and activities which is mostly an SEM effort.

The main difference?

The main difference between the two is the SEO is a component of SEM tactics. It is important that you never use these terms interchangeably as they work hand in hand for the most part. While SEO is considered to be a way to appear higher in the ranking SEM can help increase your sites visibility through many organic means.

Which Marketing tactic is better?

There is still a very heavy debate on which marketing tactic is better. But for the most part it is important to note that SEM cannot succeed without the use of SEO. There are also many situations where Pay Per Click will work better in your favour than SEO. Also another thing to understand is that your website will not get immediate visibility but a good PPC campaign can make things work in your favour. This does not mean that you would not require proper SEO as it would lead to a long term loss.

Organic SEO takes longer to show result but the end will be less costly and will help you establish credibility. When it comes to finding the right tactic for you it is important that you evaluate your situation well and understand the differences which can help you maintain the focus on right efforts and leads.


Enterprise resource planning also known as ERP software, is a suite for application which can manage your business processes like accounting, human resources, customer support, etc. ERP software is an integrated system that an individual software which is designed specifically for the business process. ERP software solutions have gained a lot of attention to both big and small businesses due to their centralized approach. It can help you store, manage, interpret data from various business units and can automatically backup all the office tasks and cross-departmental workflows. These solutions are efficient, lowers costs and increase profitability.

Uses of ERP software

The main purpose of using an ERP software is to increase efficiency, streamline processes and promote a culture of collaboration in the organization. These results help minimize cost and increase productivity.

Some benefits of ERP software include:

  • It increases efficiency
  • It promotes collaboration
  • It increases data security
  • It helps you make an accurate forecast
  • It helps comply with industry regulations
  • It increases operational flexibility
  • It reduces operational cost

What does ERP software do?

ERP is a fully integrated process which covers the business processes like

  • HRM: modules include performance review and payroll system, which is then later integrated with financial management module to manage wages, travel expense, etc.
  • Financial management module manages capital inflow and outflow as it covers standard accounting financial transaction and generates reports for different departments
  • Sales and marketing can take the more advanced version of the ERP, which includes taxation rules and shipping tracker.
  • CRM module helps you boost customer service and eventually earn profits as it manages all the leads, opportunities and customer issues.
  • Manufacturing module helps the business make manufacturing areas more efficient by providing bill materials, production scheduling, distribution plan, etc.
  • SCM module manages products from workflow from production to customer with some calls for returns.
  • Inventory helps you measure stock targets and other inventory goals as this is integrated with the purchase module.
  • Purchasing module involves material procurement, which includes supplier listing, analysis, purchase order, etc.

Potential risks with ERP software


  • One size fits all does not cut it: The process is much more straight forward when it comes to corporations with subsidiaries they require a uniform system which runs quickly even in a diverse environment.
  • Unsupported applications: The more applications you have, the more difficult it is to integrate quick install ERP solutions fully. It is time-consuming and if you are lucky, you will be able to find an ERP consulting company that can help you integrate the system with your current applications.
  • Security risks: The wider the scope of ERP, the more access points it has. This means the more chances of a security breach.
  • Lack of compliance: ERP solutions are designed to help in the problems of technical shortcomings and if not implemented properly can lead to over financial compliance.


The Many Applications Of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is indeed the second largest cloud service provider in the world as of now. It gives a computing platform and also acts as an online portal for all of its users to manage and access services and resources which are provided by Microsoft. Users can access services which include virtual machines, storage, and many more. Microsoft Azure does not work without a stable and proper internet connection. It was initially launched in the year 2010 in the month of February.

Azure has significantly grown in size and scale as well in the last decade. 80% of all the Fortune 500 companies have recommended using it and is undoubtedly expected to have one of the most prominent regions which are covered by data centres because huge data centres are required to successfully run Azure. Azure pricing is also very reasonable and hence it is preferred by many.

Microsoft Azure offers an incredibly wide range of services which are spread across a wide range of domains:

–    It gives large amounts of storage for all of your favourite pictures and videos.

–    Gives you access to the web.

–    It provides amazing levels of security and makes sure that all of your data is secure and unreachable by people other than you, the owner of the account.

–    Networking is one of its strong suits.

–    It works perfectly and properly on personal computers and mobile devices as well.

–    Makes sure that all of your data is safely migrated to your new device from your old device.

–    Provides a perfect space to store all of your media.

–    It has all kinds of management tools which can be accessed ones who have an Azure account.

–    It has some of the best artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software in the market.

–    It gives reliable and also simple data storage and a large scale.

–    It possesses the ability to scale on demand.

–    It offers a wide range of benefits as well as uses for the organization that uses Azure.

–    It can be used to build, manage and also deploy applications which are used by millions around the world.

–    A lot of developer tools are integrated into the Azure platform.

This cloud-based technology is famous for providing a wide variety of cloud services including storage, analytics, developer options, computing software; develop tools, integration with all kinds of platforms, and many more. After obtaining sufficient knowledge, you can opt for joining the instructor-led live training courses where you will be trained to handle scenarios which will help you in getting good technical knowledge when it comes to Azure. The trainers are surely well experienced, and they will help you in every aspect possible. The technical support team is also available 24/7.

Different stages of product development

Nowadays, it is very difficult for a company to carry on with their existing products. In order to stay successful in the market, companies needs to launch new products regularly. Developing a new product involves various stages. The product needs to pass through eight stages. Below is the list of different stages a product has to go through in all the product development companies.

Stage 1: Idea Generation

The first stage of product development is idea generation. Idea generation basically refers to systematic search for new product ideas. Typically, at the initial stage, the company generates several ideas in order to find the best ones. Every product starts with an idea. Sometimes, it is simpler when the new product is based on something similar which was already there. However, in other cases, it might be something unique and revolutionary, which means the idea generation process is very crucial. Sometimes idea generation is done by taking products ideas from employees who deal regularly with customers. Moreover, idea generation can also be done through market research such as consumer likes, dislikes, competitor policy, etc.

product development

Stage 2: Idea Screening

Ideas can be many, however, good ideas are only few. The second step of product development includes finding the feasible and good ideas and discarding the others. Idea screening is basically filtering the ideas for picking out the good ones. As product development costs would rise greatly in the later stages, therefore, it is important to reject the bad ideas as soon as possible in order to go ahead with the good ones. Idea screening is very essential in order to reduce the number of products for saving money, time, energy and technology.

Stage 3: Concept Development and Testing

A concept is basically a detailed strategy or the blueprint version of the idea. All the ideas which pass the screening stage turns into concepts for the purpose of testing. Products are not launched without testing the concept. The concept is taken to the target market and few selected customers from the target market are chosen for testing the concept. Some information is provided to them for helping to visualize the products. It is then followed by few questions from both the sides. Business tries to know the feeling of the customer regarding the products, whether it fulfils their want and need, will they buy it when it actually gets launched.

Stage 4: Marketing Strategy Development

In this stage, the marketer decides what type of marketing strategy needs to be used. This includes whether the product should have mass marketing, whether to launch it in specific areas, etc.    Stage

Stage 5: Business Analysis

At this stage, the marketer decides whether they would be able to achieve the expected profit or sale. After looking at the consumer testing feedback, the manufacturer decides if any kinds of changes are required for the product and how they should launch the product in the market. The information from consumers helps in making strategic decisions which will be crucial for the success of the product, which includes to decide the selling price and how to market the product.

Stage 6: Product Development

When all of the strategies are approved then product concept gets transformed into actual tangible product. The development stage of the new product development evolves in creating up of prototype or limited production model. The branding and various other strategies which have been decided previously are then tested and applied during this stage.

Stage 7: Test Marketing

Test marketing is done for finding out how large the market is. The product is ready for being launched in the market, having a proper packaging and brand name.

Stage 8: Commercialization

Commercialization is the last stage of product development. It is nothing but introducing the new product into the market. Sales promotion, advertising and various other marketing efforts takes place in this stage.

Everything You Need To Know About Unlocking Iphones

There are many simples ways you can unlock a phone with the help of the internet or meeting a mobile store person which takes just a few minutes. But you know for a fact that it is not a simple thing to unlock iphone 7 plus or any other iPhone for that matter.

With all the advancement in mobile technology taking place recently, improvement in mobile security is the first priority that mobile companies focus on.

Apple is very closely tied to the firmware of the phone which makes it even more challenging to access if your iPhone ever gets locked, which means that if we try to unlock the phone, it prompts Google to add the IMEI number to unlock the database stored in iPhone. The policies are getting stricter and more difficult to understand.


Methods of unlocking


Your iPhone might be locked to a carrier if you insert a different SIM you will get a message saying that the sim is not supported. A little research about what sim will be supported to your iPhone. The next step is to contact them and authorise the lock. Sometimes they may charge you for unlocking upwards of nearly 50% of the value of the phone


The process of unlocking your iPhone

Either you have been granted the unlock from your carrier, and just going to unlock vendor, also try changing your network.

  • Connecting your iPhone, using a USB cable, to your mac and opening iTunes
  • On the device menu, click the summary tab and choosing the backup
  • After the backup is completed click restore
  • Input your Apple ID password
  • Wait for the process to complete your phone will reboot
  • Then your phone will restore and backup


After this process, your phone should open, and if it does not, you should contact the vendor or the mobile carrier for further assistance.


JailBreaking your iPhone?

Jailbreaking your phone just for unlocking your phone may affect the device as it will be jailbroken. Even unlock will last only till your device jailbroken. If you attempt to restore your phone, later on, you will lose the jailbreak and also unlock. Which renders your phone useless on the cellular network. Keeping the old, outdated software to maintain your jailbreak is a bad idea as it leaves you vulnerable to security threats. But at present unlock works with iOS 7 and is available on evasiOn, even with little information available on the internet, there is also no evidence if the unlock will work. The things move so quickly that one set of information will be useless in some time.

How To Catch a Thief with a Security Trail Camera

The security and safety of your property are of prime importance so that you will not become a victim of theft and burglary, but for this, you will need to install a high-quality camera at your property. There are different kinds of cameras that can be installed in residential and commercial, but one of the most effective and popular cameras is the security trail camera that is known to be the most affordable option for your property. But before installing this camera, you will need to find out How To Catch a Thief with a Security Trail Camera so that the safety and security of your property will not be compromised. These cameras are available with wireless technology that allows you to monitor your property from anywhere so that you can keep an eye even in your absence.

We know for a fact that not everyone knows the details about the security cameras. So it is better to expert’s opinion when it comes to buying and installing security cameras. You can also check online reviews for the trail cameras that are must buying in 2019, to have a better understanding.

Benefits for your property.

If you are wondering How To Catch a Thief with a Security Trail Camera, then you will need to install the camera at the prime location around your property so that you will be able to keep a track on the thieves and intruders. Moreover, the camera sends the picture of the intruder or thief on your email or phone within 30 minutes after taking the photo. With the instant notification and the no glow technology of this camera can come at your rescue as you will be able to look after your property easily without going anywhere. When you are notified that your business is being compromised or someone is trying to get inside your home, you can call the police immediately so that they can reach the location at the right time. Security trail cameras are available in different configurations with a wide variety of programming options so that it will be able to take videos and photos of the thieves easily and within a short period of time.

These cameras are available with no light technology that allows it to take pictures and videos in complete darkness so that you will get the picture of the trespassers of your property. Even without no visible flash, security trail cameras will help the police to catch criminals as it is important for security surveillance. The license plate trail cameras are also very beneficial as it helps in capturing the plate numbers of the moving vehicles entering into your property even in low light so that you can get hold of the criminals. The image captured by the camera will be transmitted to you through email, text, and videos so that you can get complete peace of mind. Hence you can keep your property safe and secure from any trespassers as everything will be recorded, and you can take action before any untoward incident takes place at your property. Since these cameras cannot be detected by the thief or burglars, you can be assured that your property will be protected. You can hide the security trail cameras at any place of your home or business premises so that it will capture anyone easily.

Why should you renovate your roof


Roof renovation can differentiate a beautiful and safe home from a shabby leaky one. After all, roofs protect you (and your loved ones) from the harmful effects of extreme weather elements. Without a secure and functional roof, your other renovations and decorations (and the entire house) can be at great risk. Renovating the roof might be three simple words, but the task is very hard. It requires the service and workmanship f the professionals. Many contractors follow different strategies for marketing their services. Don’t fall for those roofing contractor marketing stunts. Search for online reviews and do all the necessary research before hiring the contractors.

Why Should You Renovate Your Roof

To Prevent Attic Damage

A functional roof in good working condition cause serious damage to the ceiling and the attic area as well as the items stored therein. So, immediately you notice your roof is starting to wear and tear apart, giving rise to leaks renovate (and have it repaired by professionals) to avoid damaging the interior ceiling. Leaks darken paint of ceilings and bubble out and expand the plaster on nearby walls leading to other structural issues.


To Counter Insulation destruction and mold

Old and weak roofs allow water to drip through into the insulation clamps loosening their effectiveness. You will probably notice a huge difference in your utility bills because warm air will be escaping forcing you to increase the use of AC’s to maintain the temperature of your home during cold seasons. Clumped insulation, besides being ineffective provides an optimum breeding area for molds. The molds will continue growing even during the dry season eventually causing serious respiratory illnesses for your family members.

Prevention of electric shock

Worn out roof give rise to leaking water, this, if it accidentally finds its way to open electric circuitry can cause fatal hazards. Besides, if the water flows to the floor and forms a puddle, someone can unknowingly step and slip on it. If the leaks accumulate behind the ceilings, the same can cave in or even crumble. So, if you notice that the drywall is starting to bulge and sag, it is high time you renovated your roof. While at it, be sure to step on structurally sound sections as the water-weakened plywood can cave in.


Health Concerns

Weak roofs are often associated with leaky roofs. The latter, in turn, provides perfect breeding grounds for mildews that pose grave health issues to people with high sensitivity. Anyone with rhinitis, nasal congestion, asthma, and inflammations will have a frequent recurrence of the condition when mildews start developing in your structure. The mold spores that are continually produced give rise to allergic reactions and other associated health issues. Renovating your roof, immediately you notice the warning signs, is the best way to protect such members of your family.

To preserve structural integrity

Old and non-functional roofs ruin rafters, wall framing, ceiling joints as well as fascia boards. As exterior trim fall victim to the intrusion of weather elements wood deterioration sets in. The entire roof support structure is weakened, as roof framing become rotten and unable to support to the weight above. The final result is an extensively weakened structure that requires comprehensive overhaul or even complete roof replacement. Such an eventuality is costly.



The dangers of living in the malfunctioning roof are grave. From allowing water to leak and cause a multitude of damage to the entire structure, such a roof promotes the growth of mold and mildews. The mildews, in turn, have far-reaching effects on persons with high sensitivity. The earlier you renovate your roof the better.

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