Why should you renovate your roof


Roof renovation can differentiate a beautiful and safe home from a shabby leaky one. After all, roofs protect you (and your loved ones) from the harmful effects of extreme weather elements. Without a secure and functional roof, your other renovations and decorations (and the entire house) can be at great risk. Renovating the roof might be three simple words, but the task is very hard. It requires the service and workmanship f the professionals. Many contractors follow different strategies for marketing their services. Don’t fall for those roofing contractor marketing stunts. Search for online reviews and do all the necessary research before hiring the contractors.

Why Should You Renovate Your Roof

To Prevent Attic Damage

A functional roof in good working condition cause serious damage to the ceiling and the attic area as well as the items stored therein. So, immediately you notice your roof is starting to wear and tear apart, giving rise to leaks renovate (and have it repaired by professionals) to avoid damaging the interior ceiling. Leaks darken paint of ceilings and bubble out and expand the plaster on nearby walls leading to other structural issues.


To Counter Insulation destruction and mold

Old and weak roofs allow water to drip through into the insulation clamps loosening their effectiveness. You will probably notice a huge difference in your utility bills because warm air will be escaping forcing you to increase the use of AC’s to maintain the temperature of your home during cold seasons. Clumped insulation, besides being ineffective provides an optimum breeding area for molds. The molds will continue growing even during the dry season eventually causing serious respiratory illnesses for your family members.

Prevention of electric shock

Worn out roof give rise to leaking water, this, if it accidentally finds its way to open electric circuitry can cause fatal hazards. Besides, if the water flows to the floor and forms a puddle, someone can unknowingly step and slip on it. If the leaks accumulate behind the ceilings, the same can cave in or even crumble. So, if you notice that the drywall is starting to bulge and sag, it is high time you renovated your roof. While at it, be sure to step on structurally sound sections as the water-weakened plywood can cave in.


Health Concerns

Weak roofs are often associated with leaky roofs. The latter, in turn, provides perfect breeding grounds for mildews that pose grave health issues to people with high sensitivity. Anyone with rhinitis, nasal congestion, asthma, and inflammations will have a frequent recurrence of the condition when mildews start developing in your structure. The mold spores that are continually produced give rise to allergic reactions and other associated health issues. Renovating your roof, immediately you notice the warning signs, is the best way to protect such members of your family.

To preserve structural integrity

Old and non-functional roofs ruin rafters, wall framing, ceiling joints as well as fascia boards. As exterior trim fall victim to the intrusion of weather elements wood deterioration sets in. The entire roof support structure is weakened, as roof framing become rotten and unable to support to the weight above. The final result is an extensively weakened structure that requires comprehensive overhaul or even complete roof replacement. Such an eventuality is costly.



The dangers of living in the malfunctioning roof are grave. From allowing water to leak and cause a multitude of damage to the entire structure, such a roof promotes the growth of mold and mildews. The mildews, in turn, have far-reaching effects on persons with high sensitivity. The earlier you renovate your roof the better.