Top 5 online survey tools

Research is never considered sufficient when the respondents are not captured enough to give the required information. Online surveys for some time today have become the best platforms to gather information for any research. For the success, however, you need useful online survey tools which are easy to use and has the capacity of giving you the information you need. Here are the top online survey tools:

  1. Survey Monkey

This is one of the most useful survey tools. It is straightforward to use both for a researcher and t the respondents. For a start, you can use the free version which is just downloaded to carry out your research. It gives you an option of ten questions, a hundred respondents and about fifteen types of questions. This is enough if you not need much data. However, you can as well use the paid version which gives you more options including exportation of data.


  1. Type form

If you are looking for an interactive platform for your research, this becomes your best option. This tool offers the best platform for your study interactively. It also provides a free version called the core type form. With this version, you are given unlimited offers, interns of multiple questions, universal answers and beautiful themes and templates. You can start with the free version.


  1. Survicate

The primary reason for carrying out surveys is to get respondents from preferred areas. Survicate offers the option for posting your survey on different websites. If you have different websites, you will have an extension on the number of respondents you are bound to attract. You can as well request for hosting of the survey in other peoples websites which are related to the study itself. I free version offers multiple options including data export. If you need an advanced one, you may have to pay about $25 monthly.


  1. Survey legend


This is one of the best tools for the survey. It is easy to use and can be optimized to be used in mobile devices. The tool gives the users a beautiful user experience. Survey legend turns to be one of the most attractive tools for the survey. This is because it attracts the respondents to be part of the survey. Typically, respondents are very busy, and so you should give a better reason for them to take part in a given survey.


  1. Polidaddy

This is usually the unlimited survey tool. It does not limit you on the number of questions to include in the survey; not even the respondent number is limited in the free version. Such an offer is effective for surveys which need unlimited respondents. You only need a paid version in case you need to export data, and then you need a paid version. This tool works well with word press.