The Many Applications Of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is indeed the second largest cloud service provider in the world as of now. It gives a computing platform and also acts as an online portal for all of its users to manage and access services and resources which are provided by Microsoft. Users can access services which include virtual machines, storage, and many more. Microsoft Azure does not work without a stable and proper internet connection. It was initially launched in the year 2010 in the month of February.

Azure has significantly grown in size and scale as well in the last decade. 80% of all the Fortune 500 companies have recommended using it and is undoubtedly expected to have one of the most prominent regions which are covered by data centres because huge data centres are required to successfully run Azure. Azure pricing is also very reasonable and hence it is preferred by many.

Microsoft Azure offers an incredibly wide range of services which are spread across a wide range of domains:

–    It gives large amounts of storage for all of your favourite pictures and videos.

–    Gives you access to the web.

–    It provides amazing levels of security and makes sure that all of your data is secure and unreachable by people other than you, the owner of the account.

–    Networking is one of its strong suits.

–    It works perfectly and properly on personal computers and mobile devices as well.

–    Makes sure that all of your data is safely migrated to your new device from your old device.

–    Provides a perfect space to store all of your media.

–    It has all kinds of management tools which can be accessed ones who have an Azure account.

–    It has some of the best artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software in the market.

–    It gives reliable and also simple data storage and a large scale.

–    It possesses the ability to scale on demand.

–    It offers a wide range of benefits as well as uses for the organization that uses Azure.

–    It can be used to build, manage and also deploy applications which are used by millions around the world.

–    A lot of developer tools are integrated into the Azure platform.

This cloud-based technology is famous for providing a wide variety of cloud services including storage, analytics, developer options, computing software; develop tools, integration with all kinds of platforms, and many more. After obtaining sufficient knowledge, you can opt for joining the instructor-led live training courses where you will be trained to handle scenarios which will help you in getting good technical knowledge when it comes to Azure. The trainers are surely well experienced, and they will help you in every aspect possible. The technical support team is also available 24/7.