Blu Ray

Blu ray discs ( Blu ray discs ) are digital optical storage media, which has been sold since 2007. Blu-ray discs were developed as successors of the DVD and offer a noticeable high storage capacity as well as an increased data rate. Thus, even multimedia applications (movies, videos) with a much better quality and resolution can be stored on blu-rays.

Blu ray or Blue ray

Blu-ray comes from English and literally means blue beam. This definition refers to the violet ray of the laser used. However, you can not protect words of the everyday language as a trademark. Thus one had to write creatively the words blue ray as Blu-ray. Thus the registration as a protected brand Blu ray disc (Blu ray blanks, blu rays) was substantially simplified.

Blu-ray blanks can currently be viewed as:

  • – Single Layer Blu-ray Discs with a capacity of 25GB,
  • – Dual Layer Blu – ray Discs with a storage capacity of 50GB as well
  • – as mini Blu-ray discs (use in HD camcorders) with a capacity of 7.5 GB

Be acquired.
Currently, “larger” Blu-ray blanks – blu rays with a storage capacity of 100GB (so-called Quad Layer Blu-ray Disc Blanks ) are developed . Writable blu-rays are mainly used to store pictures, music or high-resolution videos. In contrast, re-writable Blu-ray discs are used for archiving large amounts of data or backups (data backup).

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