Tinder App Review – Amazing Dating App Tips

by: maria_writer

Want to know more about Tinder? Here is everything you need to get started. Tinder is a dating app that has revolutionized the way people date. From its inception in 2012, it has enjoyed a lot of success in the mobile dating world with its hot and simplistic features. It has seen over 10 billion matches to date and its member’s list continues to grow rapidly just as its popularity. With each passing year, Tinder app continues to improve by adding new features. Among the features include Tinder plus which is its premium feature and currently it has attracted more than one million subscribers.

Is Tinder for hooking up or dating?

Many people including those using the Tinder app still can’t answer what the app is specifically designed for. Is it just for casual hookups or serious dating? The right answer is both: some people use it to find friends, casual hookups or to get a life partner. Initially, it started as a hookup mobile app but that is not the case anymore; not everyone on Tinder is looking for no-strings-attached relationships.

Sign-up process

Before you start using the Tinder app, you have to register first. The registration process is straightforward and easy because you only require a Facebook account. Once you install the app, allow it to access your Facebook account and the associated terms. Then, keep on tapping until everything is set. From your Facebook account, the app will get your location, profile picture, age, and name. Finally, go to the app settings and customize your profile and save.

Login process

After finishing the sing-up process, you don’t need to do anything as you are already logged in. And as long as your Facebook account is connected, you will never be asked to log in. But you can log out from your account from the app settings screen. If you want to get back again after signing out, tap on the “log-in using Facebook” button/option and you will be back in action within seconds.

What happens after login?

You start a life of swiping left and right. When you have a Tinder member on the queue, swipe right if you want to be matched otherwise swipe left to indicate you are not interested. After swiping right, you will only be matched to that person if he or she swiped right on you also. With this app, you always have control of who to match, ignore or un-match.

Key Features

· Has Tinder Boost and Super Like options that increase the chances of matching

· Has Instagram connect option that enables you to display Instagram feed

· Has Facebook registration requirement that offers some form of profile authenticity or verification

· Has Tinder Plus option for unlimited matches and connections

· Has Tinder Passport option that allows global matching


· Simple & swift registration and profile setup

· Supports consensual hookup locally and globally

· Supports over 20 languages

· Ever-growing, massive user base

· 24/7 support

· User-friendly interface

· Supports different mobile platforms. For example Android, iOS


· You must have a Facebook account in order to register

· Doesn’t have an advanced matching algorithm

· Its premium membership is based on age

Bottom line

Can over 50 million people be wrong about Tinder app? Of course not; Tinder is an awesome dating app that continues to expand year after year. Whether you are looking for a casual date, friends to hang out with, or a serious relationship, Tinder app leads the way. Test it today for free – what do you have to lose?

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