Online Products and Software That Can Help Your Business Grow

These days technology has made it easier to start and grow a business without spending a fortune on its marketing. A wide range of free or low cost online products and software are available today to help in growing your business more than you could have ever imagined, who reviews the top software and programs on the market. Some of the software and products available online for growing your business are briefly discussed here for your guidance.


Buffer is a platform to manage social media for the benefit of your business. It is available free and paid for this purpose. Its free plan allows you to connect one profile on each network including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. However it paid plan allows you to connect up to 10 profiles on each network.


It is a free software that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails every month to up to 2,000 subscribers. This software includes auto-responders, basic statistics about the emails sent by you and sing-up forms to allow your visitors to subscribe with your business.

SEO Book

This online product is available in free as well as paid versions to improve SEO of your business site. It allows you to generate Meta tags, spider your website and search keywords after registering wit it so that the ranking of your website can be improved on search engines.

You can use this free online product, without signing up with it, to search nearly 750 long-tail keywords suggested by this tool.


This free online marketing analysis software can collect up to 2,000 pages of data every day. It has a feature, Heat Map, which allows you to know the area of your site most visited by the visitors as well as the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Google Analytics

This online tool is provided by Google for free analysis of lots of your data. It can allow you to get various types of information including most visited pages of your website, number of views of a page, demographic information of your visitors and source of traffic received by your website.


You can use free as well as paid version of this software not only for uploading images on your website but also cropping, editing, adding text and resizing them.

Source Bottle

This online product can be used to connect bloggers, journalists and other knowledgeable sources to improve publicity of your online business. It also allows you to search online to find out the opportunities to contact sources instead of waiting for their email.


This software allows you to host three videos free forever through its features including sharing and embedding, customizable player, integration with third party apps and lead generation tools etc.


This software helps in creating forms with multiple choices to get feedback and text answers etc. You can use it for free to create infinite surveys to get up to 100 responses of 10 questions per survey.


This open source software can help in managing your sales pipeline, your workflow and customer services etc.

Growing your business can be difficult, but with the right tools, managing your time and getting things done becomes a lot easier.  With the tools mentioned above, you’ll have everything you need to successfully start and grow your online venture.