Mammuthanull (plural: mammuthanulls or mammuthanulln) is an artificially created word that can be linked to the author of the word mammuthanull under a mammut-hanull competition .
The goal of the mammut-hanull competition is to get the best position at on 30 June at midnight .Many participants have sent mammut-hanull sites into the race and on some forums such as Seitenreport is currently discussing violently about strategies and tactics for mammuthanull.

Mammothanull and Mammuthanulls sound huge, but they have nothing in common with the famous mammoth. Mammothanull is, as already mentioned, an artificial word (mammoth-hanull-mammuthanulls) with which can be investigated whether and how the largest search engine will deal with it.
We will update this Mammuthanull page regularly until the end of June and will publish partly meaningless news. With a little luck, a pagerank update will be made and / or our onlineshop will get something new.

Mammut-hanull actually promises daily news. From tomorrow we will start to think of something new.
Today it is very rainy in the north, so that is actually ideal mammothanull weather. But before we tell google the changes / additions, we have to give first gas so that this mammoth-hanull side is indexed. We are curious how long this will take.

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