Everything You Need To Know About Unlocking Iphones

There are many simples ways you can unlock a phone with the help of the internet or meeting a mobile store person which takes just a few minutes. But you know for a fact that it is not a simple thing to unlock iphone 7 plus or any other iPhone for that matter.

With all the advancement in mobile technology taking place recently, improvement in mobile security is the first priority that mobile companies focus on.

Apple is very closely tied to the firmware of the phone which makes it even more challenging to access if your iPhone ever gets locked, which means that if we try to unlock the phone, it prompts Google to add the IMEI number to unlock the database stored in iPhone. The policies are getting stricter and more difficult to understand.


Methods of unlocking


Your iPhone might be locked to a carrier if you insert a different SIM you will get a message saying that the sim is not supported. A little research about what sim will be supported to your iPhone. The next step is to contact them and authorise the lock. Sometimes they may charge you for unlocking upwards of nearly 50% of the value of the phone


The process of unlocking your iPhone

Either you have been granted the unlock from your carrier, and just going to unlock vendor, also try changing your network.

  • Connecting your iPhone, using a USB cable, to your mac and opening iTunes
  • On the device menu, click the summary tab and choosing the backup
  • After the backup is completed click restore
  • Input your Apple ID password
  • Wait for the process to complete your phone will reboot
  • Then your phone will restore and backup


After this process, your phone should open, and if it does not, you should contact the vendor or the mobile carrier for further assistance.


JailBreaking your iPhone?

Jailbreaking your phone just for unlocking your phone may affect the device as it will be jailbroken. Even unlock will last only till your device jailbroken. If you attempt to restore your phone, later on, you will lose the jailbreak and also unlock. Which renders your phone useless on the cellular network. Keeping the old, outdated software to maintain your jailbreak is a bad idea as it leaves you vulnerable to security threats. But at present unlock works with iOS 7 and is available on evasiOn, even with little information available on the internet, there is also no evidence if the unlock will work. The things move so quickly that one set of information will be useless in some time.