DVD Rohlinge

What DVD discs for burning?

If you want to buy DVDs or DVD discs, please note that the blanks are adapted to the speed class of your burner. Otherwise there is the risk that the burned DVD discs or their data are not readable.

Also remember that rewritable blanks are also much more sensitive than simple (DVD-R) blanks. The rewritable DVD discs have multiple burns of frequent usage traces.

Furthermore, we recommend expensive DVD discs with a scratch-resistant surface if you use your DVD discs more frequently or have children in the household.

DVD Blanks – Plus or Minus

At the beginning of the DVD blanks era, the so-called Minus DVDs (DVD-R) were produced and sold. Due to disputes over royalties to be paid, the Plus DVDs were later developed.
Both formats rely on the same technique, use comparable dyes and are often produced in the same factories.
The only difference between both disc formats is the press form of the spirals, which the laser follows when burning and reading the data.

DVD blanks (plus and minus) differ in principle not in the quality. It is possible that most burners can burn and read almost all DVDs.

Whatever DVD discs you want to buy at a good price, in our DVD discs – onlineshop you will find a wide selection.

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