A Secret to Competitive E-Commerce Websites

There is no doubt that e-commerce business is ruling the entire world (not really but it sure seems that way). It all comes down to a couple things you need to focus on, especially if you plan on going with an ecommerce SEO agency to help build your e-commerce business. It is imperative for you to be concerned and careful about choosing an agency that can take up this responsibility seriously. There are some things that tend to influence the e-commerce market. However, doing the right things at the right times can go a long way in making your e-commerce website perfect with the customers in the market. Always keep in mind, the higher the services, the greater is the satisfaction. Designing competitive e-commerce websites is challenging but great fun at the same time.

Important Points that need to be considered

Different innovative strategies and ideas need to be used for wooing the prospective buyers. Some strategies and ideas might click while a few might not. There are some important guidelines to secrets that can readily assure you that your e-commerce website is quite competitive and is prepared to view the competitors. There are not one but many secrets to competitive e-commerce websites, and we will have a look at them here.

Informative and Quality Content

Informative and quality content is something that you must not compromise on. The majority of e-commerce business owners do not like to make huge investments in the content of their e-commerce websites. However, they have this desire to make their presence felt online. If you are an e-commerce business owner, then you must refrain from committing the mistake of not investing in informative and quality website content. Content is of great importance for online shopping. Informative and quality content helps in exhibiting, attracting, informing and converting visitors into buyers.

Use of Infographics

Infographics are simply magical, and they are the buzz word in the world of global marketing. Infographics can be defined as a combination of pieces of graphics and information. A searing blend of useful information accompanied with a topping of tempting graphics can help in attracting prospective buyers. Many people are into online shopping, but a large number of these people skip content unless it is decorated with perfect graphics. This is because simply reading something without any images or figures can be uninteresting and unattractive. Therefore, creating that perfect pictorial narration of a service or a product is quite important for grabbing the attention of the buyers.

User-Friendly and Easy Navigation

If you are on the quest of creating a very competitive e-commerce website for your business, then one of the most important things that you must pay attention to is minimizing the number of clicks on the website. You can do this by providing easy and user-friendly e-commerce navigation. This will make it easier for the visitors to view and understand the products without clicking and scrolling through the website unnecessarily.


E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most advanced ways of conducting online business but not in the absence of a competitive website. It is important for you to embrace all technology solutions that can help you in growing your e-commerce business.

SEO is the best way to outrank your competitors

We all count on the search engines when we want to have authentic information about something else. Who wants to explore all the pages of Google when they are having some great results on the first page? This is all about the SEO.

You can get more information about the SEO on www.topseohobart.com. Here are the ways through which you can outrank your competition on the search pages.


It essential to building links when you are trying to keep your website on the front page for the client ease. Guest posting and external blogs play an important role when we are talking about the SEO ranking.

If you will focus on the guest posting and external blogs then you will be able to see the traffic on your web as well as you should try to have people for the blog posting who are already in the business and have a fan following.


It’s important to have a complete information about the keywords when you are about to work on the SEO project. If you are not putting the right keywords according to the search engine and people are not really searching for it then how you are supposed to live it up?

You need to research what people are really searching and you can bring your website in the search results so you can give tough competition to your rivals.


Just look at the timings of your competitor and how much they are focusing on the SEO. If your competitor is focusing on the limited area but they are having great traffic from that area then you should adopt the same strategy as well.

If you want to target the specific audience then first you should keep your circle small and you should start targeting the keywords which are essential for the traffic.


Content is the basic pillar to make your SEO better. If you don’t have enough content on your website and people are visiting then they will stop visiting the website because they are not finding an appropriate content there.

You should go for the content which is essential for the users and from which they can get required information from your site. Your SEO will work as per the quality of the content you are using on the platform.


Go for the topics and keywords people like to search for. You can get the idea of searching the Google and you can see how many websites are on top and what they are choosing to publish. Use high ranking keywords to keep it in first page results.

Traffic will be on your website when you will start accepting the strategy.


With the SEO it’s important that you should go for the social media platforms as well. Interact with the people on different social media platforms and you will be good to get the traffic there. Social media is of great importance when you have a website and when you have the right content.

The best way to sell your services as a local SEO expert

The benefits of hiring a local SEO expert are numerous. It’s much easier to maintain communication with someone who is based nearby than to do it online. On the other hand, a client can always schedule a meeting with a local SEO expert, to discuss the important details of a contract or mutual project.

However, many locally based SEO companies offer the same expert service, which makes it harder for clients to decide which one to hire. But, that’s not all. Local SEO companies are also finding it hard to sell their services to the local clients, mostly because they don’t know how to target their audience.vancouver seo expert

What Vancouver SEO expert should do

Local Vancouver SEO expert or agency should be able to answer any question their prospective clients ask. However, many companies are facing the same problem: how to target the right prospects for your business. The importance of defining the target audience is huge since it has a significant impact on your business. The client profile will determine the number and the scope of projects you are going to take, which is closely related to your service.

In case you were wondering how can you stand out in the local market, here are some tips on how to sell your services in Vancouver.

#Offer a list of previous projects

The first thing a prospective client wants to know about Vancouver SEO agency is whom they’re previously worked with. Tracking results are an important aspect in business negotiations, and if you as a local SEO expert not able to provide a list of previous projects, the prospect will probably walk away. On the other hand, giving out the names of the previous clients can be tricky. After all, we’re talking about confidential business information. In that case, you can state a client’s niche or describe the project you did together.

#Explain your service

Many local SEO experts are making the same mistake over and over again. They don’t tell their prospects HOW they’re going to help them rank better on Google. Keeping your methods “confidential” or “top secret” can only raise the suspicion in your prospect’s mind. And that will end with them walking away. Instead, offer them a brief overview on which strategy you’re going to employ, how will you reach the project goals, and how much time you’ll need to get the first results.

#The ranking issue

Vancouver SEO experts are facing the same problem as any other SEO’s across the world. If they drop the famous line about rankings, they’ll probably make a promise they won’t be able to keep. And when that happens, your potential clients will do two things. Either they’ll run away thinking you’re a fraud and don’t know what you’re doing, or they’re going to hold to your words, expecting the number one place on Google search. Don’t make this mistake because you know you can’t promise them the number one place.

#Metrics and results

Most of your potential clients are not familiar with SEO whatsoever. For that reason, you should create a tracking system that will help your potential client to see the results from your service. The transparency is the key factor in hiring an SEO agency, so make sure you provide your prospects with a simple tracking system from day one.

How to Tell if You’re Dealing With an SEO Expert

If you think that you have been offered the most challenging task of your life- making the choice of the best SEO expert for offering different off-page and on-page optimization services to your business then there is nothing to worry for you at all. This is because you can always make use of the internet for getting hold of a Vancouver SEO expert who can do each and every SEO related task for you and your business. The only thing that you need to do is Google your search keyword and find a large number of SEO experts coming with the claims of offering top quality SEO services. Next, you need to randomly select some experts and start calling them for gathering necessary details about each of them. However, this entire procedure will take in a lot of time and it might also get a bit boring and frustrating. This is because you will find all the SEO experts saying the same thing. So, how do you tell that you are actually dealing with an SEO expert? The answer lies below:

Extensive Portfolio

True SEO experts always have extensive portfolios of companies, professionals, agencies and organizations that they have assisted in the past. Thus, you must have this information available with specifics and not just in the form of vague terms. A good SEO expert will always have the ability of offering a complete list of his or her past clients along with their names that can help you in recognizing the ones whom you know. If you find that the past clients of the SEO expert are working successfully on the major search engine pages then you can get clear assurance of the fact that the expert has done his or her job in the most effective manner.

Proven Results

A true SEO expert will always have the evidence of the SEO results that he or she has fetched for clients in the past. Working with an SEO expert means you want a professional who possesses a track record of having the ability of doing what he or she said they could. Expert professionals in the field of SEO offer references of their past clients allowing you to have short conversations or email conversations with them. This allows you to get into the details of the experience and the skills possessed by the expert along with the results that he or she has offered. Top SEO experts will also have the capability of giving you a rough plan of the procedure that they will use for approaching your SEO requirements. Professionals offering complete review of your online presence and website along with free consultation serve as the best places to start for accurate, effective and honest insight.

Popular Throughout the Industry

A top SEO expert will be someone who is recognized throughout the industry. you can check the popularity of the expert by ensuring that he or she has a good website and is socially active on the different social media platforms.

The Verdict

There are very few people who have the knowledge, experience and the skills needed for serving as true SEO experts and therefore you need to make your choice carefully.

Tinder App Review – Amazing Dating App Tips

by: maria_writer

Want to know more about Tinder? Here is everything you need to get started. Tinder is a dating app that has revolutionized the way people date. From its inception in 2012, it has enjoyed a lot of success in the mobile dating world with its hot and simplistic features. It has seen over 10 billion matches to date and its member’s list continues to grow rapidly just as its popularity. With each passing year, Tinder app continues to improve by adding new features. Among the features include Tinder plus which is its premium feature and currently it has attracted more than one million subscribers.

Is Tinder for hooking up or dating?

Many people including those using the Tinder app still can’t answer what the app is specifically designed for. Is it just for casual hookups or serious dating? The right answer is both: some people use it to find friends, casual hookups or to get a life partner. Initially, it started as a hookup mobile app but that is not the case anymore; not everyone on Tinder is looking for no-strings-attached relationships.

Sign-up process

Before you start using the Tinder app, you have to register first. The registration process is straightforward and easy because you only require a Facebook account. Once you install the app, allow it to access your Facebook account and the associated terms. Then, keep on tapping until everything is set. From your Facebook account, the app will get your location, profile picture, age, and name. Finally, go to the app settings and customize your profile and save.

Login process

After finishing the sing-up process, you don’t need to do anything as you are already logged in. And as long as your Facebook account is connected, you will never be asked to log in. But you can log out from your account from the app settings screen. If you want to get back again after signing out, tap on the “log-in using Facebook” button/option and you will be back in action within seconds.

What happens after login?

You start a life of swiping left and right. When you have a Tinder member on the queue, swipe right if you want to be matched otherwise swipe left to indicate you are not interested. After swiping right, you will only be matched to that person if he or she swiped right on you also. With this app, you always have control of who to match, ignore or un-match.

Key Features

· Has Tinder Boost and Super Like options that increase the chances of matching

· Has Instagram connect option that enables you to display Instagram feed

· Has Facebook registration requirement that offers some form of profile authenticity or verification

· Has Tinder Plus option for unlimited matches and connections

· Has Tinder Passport option that allows global matching


· Simple & swift registration and profile setup

· Supports consensual hookup locally and globally

· Supports over 20 languages

· Ever-growing, massive user base

· 24/7 support

· User-friendly interface

· Supports different mobile platforms. For example Android, iOS


· You must have a Facebook account in order to register

· Doesn’t have an advanced matching algorithm

· Its premium membership is based on age

Bottom line

Can over 50 million people be wrong about Tinder app? Of course not; Tinder is an awesome dating app that continues to expand year after year. Whether you are looking for a casual date, friends to hang out with, or a serious relationship, Tinder app leads the way. Test it today for free – what do you have to lose?

The Science Behind Ranking In Youtube

If you are running a youtube channel and want to rank your video in the top results of the keyword that you are targeting then this article is particularly for you, because here we are going to share some SEO tips with you that will help you rank your video in real time.

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Youtube is the most powerful search platform for visual content.

The good news, according to tcsdigitalmarketing.com/south-lake-tahoe/seo, is that ranking a video on the top of Youtube search is much easier than ranking a post in the Google search results.

The great thing about youtube is that you do not need any backlinks to get a higher ranking in youtube searches.

If you cover the on-page SEO factors you’ll definitely be able to rank your video in the top search results.

You might be confused about how can we cover all the on-page factors in the Youtube video considering it doesn’t have all the features a typical website does.


Well, here is the answer to your question. The first thing you need to focus on is creating killer content. This strategy of creating stunning content does not only apply to the written content but it also applies to the visual content. Because if your content is boring and it doesn’t have anything interesting in it, then people will leave your video after a few seconds which will significantly lower your ranking.

So, the very first step in getting a higher rank is creating killer content.


The next thing that you need to focus on is the title of the video. You should create the title in such a way that it may easily grab the attention of the viewer while containing the focus keyword in it as well. Without focus keyword in the title, your video will not get ranked.

You cannot create a custom URL for your Youtube video therefore, there is no need of thinking about how to add the focus keyword in the URL.

You need to write a description of 300 words about the video while using the keyword in proper places. As you know, that is an essential part of SEO that less than 300 words content is not considered as the SEO-friendly content.

Focusing on keyword density is also a must. Youtube has announced its new feature of hashtag about a few months ago, so, you must take advantage of this feature as well to get your video ranked. But try to add only 2 hashtags for one video.

Youtube allows you to add the relevant tags in the tags section it also helps you get ranked faster.

The number of subscribers is also very important for top ranking on the youtube.

If you follow all the steps that we have mentioned in this article we bet you that it will not only get you ranked in Youtube but it might also get you ranked on Google!